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Argentinian Citizen Hostages

Among the hostages kidnapped to Gaza on October 7th, 22 are Argentinian dual citizens.

Click on their pictures for details about their lives, family stories, and captivity.

Currently Held Captive

Ariel Bibas

Eitan Horn

Yair Horn

Lior Rudaeff

Yarden Bibas

Kfir Bibas

Shiri Bibas

David Cunio

Ariel Cunio


Clara Marman

Karina Engel-Bart

Ofelia Roitman

Yuval Engel

Emma Cunio

Luis Har

Ron Sherman

Fernando Marman

Mia Leimberg

Sharon Alony Cunio

Gabriela Leimberg

Mika Engel

Yuli Cunio

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