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A collage of Hamas' October 7th kidnapping victims

About The Hostages

The hostages range in age from 10 months to 85 years old on the date of their abduction.  They include children, women, and men. They are citizens of the US, Israel and many nations. Many were sleeping in their beds when the kidnappers arrived on the morning of October 7, 2023.
The photos above show some of the approximately 240 people who were kidnapped.

  The pictures were provided by their families to show their daily lives prior to their captivity.  Some have been rescued, others remain in captivity.  Here are their stories.

Their Lives After Captivity

For insight into the lives of the hostages after captivity, see these features stories in major media:

Their Lives During Captivity

For first-hand accounts of captivity by some of the rescued hostages, see these stories published in major media:

Their Lives Before Captivity

For insight into the lives of the hostages before they were kidnapped, see these feature stories in major media:

Hostage Names & Profiles

For the names of hostages, ages, where they were kidnapped, and more, see the following websites.

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