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Tie, Share, Repeat.

Below are some additional details to help you participate in this grassroots initiative:

  1. Buy a roll (or rolls) of blue ribbon.

    • Wide ribbon is best (2”) for maximum visual impact.

    • If you only have narrow ribbon, wrap it many times, so it is more visible.

    • Polyester or synthetic ribbon is best for longevity.

    • Depending on the tree’s size, 5’-15’ of ribbon will be needed.  If the ribbon is narrow, you’ll need more ribbon length to wrap the tree multiple times.

  2. Wrap a tree in front of your house.

    • Close to the street is best!

    • If no tree, then use a lamp post or something visible on your property.

    • Do not put ribbons on public property, like telephone polls or street signs, because they are not owned by you and may be removed.

  3. Take a picture.

    • Try to make the ribbon and tree at the center of the shot.

    • Include yourself in the picture, if you choose.  

  4. Post the picture on social media with the hashtag #BringThemHome

    • (The hashtag above is trending 40x more than #BringThemHomeNow.)

    • Related hashtags diffuse the message, like #StandWithIsrael.  Don’t use them.

    • Stay focused on the hostages.  #BringThemHome has universal appeal.

  5. Repeat with friends and neighbors.

    • Go to your neighbors and friends, bring ribbon, and ask to do it with them.

    • Follow the steps above.

    • Start with friends who you know already align with your interests.

    • Other neighbors are good too, but will take more time because you will need to talk with them to help them understand the situation.  

    • Advocacy is ok, but show compassion for all who are affected, including the kidnapped civilians from Israel, the US, and 40 nations.

    • Palestinian civilians are victims of Hamas as well. Hamas does not protect them, blocks their passage, and misfires rockets that land on them often.

    • The message is #BringThemHome, nothing more.


Best Practices

  • Aim for Impact
    Use wide blue ribbon and tie it in a highly visible location. 


  • Stay Focused on the Hostages
    When posting, don't mix with other hashtags.

  • Show Compassion
    Recognize and consider that citizens from over 40 nations are being impacted.

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