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Danielle Aloni

Gender: Female

Age when taken: 44

Citizenship: Israel

Hostage status: Redeemed alive on November 24th, 2023, during the 7 Day Ceasefire

More about Danielle:

  • Danielle promised her daughter, Emilia, that she would receive a present for everyday spent in captivity. After being released, Emilia’s 49 presents became a reality. 

  • Kidnapped with her daughter, Emilia, while visiting her sister’s (Sharon Alony Cunio) family at Kibbutz Nir Oz 

  • Would create tents with Emilia out of mattresses, and play catch with a toy left in their room by the homeowner’s children

  • Asked how she is herself in an interview, Danielle responded “I am here, but my heart is there. Our family is not complete.”

Alternate name spelling:

  • Daniel, Alony

  • When searching inside sources, an alternate name spelling may be used as shown above

Related Hostages: Emilia Aloni, daughter (Redeemed/Alive), Sharon Aloni Cunio, sister (Redeemed/Alive), Emma Cunio, niece (Redeemed/Alive), Yuli Cunio, niece (Redeemed/Alive), David Cunio, brother-in-law (Captive/Presumed Alive)

Date Last Updated: May 6th, 2024

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