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Adi Shoham

Gender: Female

Age when taken: 38

Citizenships: Germany, Israel

Occupation: Psychologist

Hostage status: Redeemed alive on November 25th, 2023, during the 7 Day Ceasefire

More about Adi:

  • Was kidnapped along with her two children, Yahel and Naveh, her husband, Tal, her mother, Shoshan, and extended family members Sharon and Noam

  • Has two siblings, Shaked and Yuval

  • An intelligent and uplifting woman

  • Worked in recent years to promote mindfulness to ease the stress of residents in the south who have lived under rocket fire from Gaza for more than 2 decades

Related Hostages: Yahel Shoham, daughter (Redeemed/Alive), Naveh Shoham, son (Redeemed/Alive), Tal Shoham, husband (Captive/Presumed Alive), Shoshan Haran, mother (Redeemed/Alive), Sharon Avigdori, extended family (Redeemed/Alive) and Noam Avigdori, extended family (Redeemed/Alive)

Date Last Updated: May 5th, 2024

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