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Yair Yaakov

Gender: Male

Age when taken: 59

Citizenship: Israel 

Occupation: Garageman, Auto-Shop worker 

Hostage status: Still Captive, Confirmed Deceased

More about Yair:

  • Known by the nickname “Yaya”

  • A father of 3 children, including daughter Shir, 21 and sons Or, 17, and Yagil, 13

  • Kidnapped along with his partner, Meirav Tal, 53

  • A family man with a huge heart

  • The oldest of his siblings

Related hostages: Meirav Tal, girlfriend (Redeemed/Alive), Yagil Yaakov, son (Redeemed/Alive), Or Yaakov, son (Redeemed/Alive)

Date Last Updated: April 1st, 2024

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