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Oriya Brodetz

Gender: Male

Age when taken: 4

Citizenship: Israel

Hostage status: Redeemed alive on November 26th, 2023, during the 7 Day Ceasefire

More about Oriya:

  • Was abducted along with his two siblings, Ofri and Yuval, their mother, Hagar, and 4-year-old neighbor, Abigail Edan

  • The youngest of 3 siblings

  • Will always have both the first and last word

  • Likes to play soccer, and his favorite team is Paris Saint-Germain

  • Loves playing with toy tractors in the garden

  • Enjoys playing Xbox with his older brother, Yuval

  • Shares a family dog, named Rodney

Alternate name spelling:

  • Oria, Uriah, Brodutch, Brodach

  • When searching inside sources, an alternate name spelling may be used as shown above

Related Hostages: Ofri Brodetz, sister (Redeemed/Alive), Yuval Brodetz, brother (Redeemed/Alive), and Hagar Brodetz, mother, (Redeemed/Alive)

Date Last Updated: April 8th, 2024

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