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Dafna Elyakim

Gender: Female

Age when taken: 15

Citizenship: Israel

Hostage status: Redeemed alive on November 27th, 2023, during the 7 Day Ceasefire

More about Dafna:

  • Dafna and Ella’s father, Noam, his partner Dikla, and her 17-year-old son Tomer were murdered in the Hamas massacre

  • Was cut in her ear and shoulder from shrapnel

  • Was held with her sister with 5 other female hostages: Liri Albag, Naama Levy, Romy Gonen, Agam Berger and Emily Damari

  • A happy and joyful girl

  • Loves to sing, and has a great voice

  • Enjoys making TikTok videos 

  • Is talented in everything related to arts and crafts 

Related Hostage: Ella Elyakim, sister (Redeemed/Alive)

Date Last Updated: April 8th, 2024

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