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Tie Blue Ribbons on Trees
to #BringThemHome

Join your neighbors to raise awareness about the hostages kidnapped by Hamas and held captive in Gaza, who are citizens of the US, Israel, and many nations.


Tie a Blue Ribbon on Your Tree Today!










From Officials & Experts

“The families of more than 200 hostages taken by Hamas, including babies and Americans, have been living in hell, anxiously waiting to discover whether their loved ones are alive or dead.

My team and I are working hour by hour, doing everything we can to get the hostages released.

If Hamas cared at all for Palestinian lives, it would release all the hostages,
give up arms, and surrender the leaders and those responsible for Oct. 7.”

President Joe Biden
“The U.S. Won’t Back Down” 

The Washington Post, November 18. 2023

Part of the Bring Them Home Campaign,Images of the kidnapped babies by Hamas on October 7th covering US buildings.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create awareness and increase the urgency of rescuing all civilians kidnapped by Hamas and taken to Gaza in its mass terror attack in Israel on October 7th, 2023. 


On the date of this mass kidnapping, the hostages ranged in age from 10 months to 85 years old. Proof of life has not been given.  The International Red Cross has not been provided with access. 


They have not been provided with adequate food.  Their locations in Gaza are unknown and most are believed to be held in underground tunnels. They include women who were raped on Oct 7, captives who were physically and severely harmed, seniors with Parkinson's or dementia, children not old enough to be walking, and others who depend completely on medical and adult care.

By this simple project, we aim to accelerate the return of all hostages to their families, including the citizens of the US, Israel, and all nations.

We encourage advocacy among friends, neighbors, elected officials, and all people of good will for the safe return of every hostage immediately.


Bring this project to your local community. Together, let's help...


Blue Ribbons Across The Nation

Bows are are being tied in US Senate & House offices and in AZ, CA, FL, MA, MD, NY, OH, & elsewhere -- on trees, posts, fences, door knobs, & car mirrors -- and with permission, at town halls, parks, schools, public transportation, art installations, and houses of worship.

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How you can help

blue ribbon rolls

Tie a Blue Ribbon 

Buy some wide blue ribbon and wrap it around a very visible tree in your front yard. If you don't have a tree, you can wrap it around a lamp post or something visible on your property. 

bring them home hashtag

Post on Social Media

Take a photo of your tree(s) with the blue ribbon, including you and your family if comfortable. Then, simply post the photo to your social media accounts using with the hashtag #BringThemHome

blue ribbon on tree

Repeat (again & again)

Bring some blue ribbon to a friend
or neighbor and ask to do it with them. Start with people you know who share your interests. You'll get more ribbons tied this way, faster, and have a greater impact.

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About Us

This grassroots initiative was started by ordinary people in Greater Boston who share a belief that taking hostages is never acceptable, no matter the cause.

Please join us.

The founders and first lead organizers, in order: Leslie, David, Jay, Shira, Wes, Judith, Mindy, Rebecca, Shari, Dan, Naomi, Melissa, Karen, and Cindy.

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