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An American Movement
to Put the Hostages First 

Blue Ribbons for Life uses community action and content to raise American awareness of the hostages held in Gaza and press for their urgent return.









Bringing the Hostages
to the Seder

This year's Passover is in the shadow of the October 7th attacks and the struggle to free the remaining captives abducted by Hamas. As a result, a number of organizations have created special supplements to incorporate into the 2024 Passover Seder. Here is a collection of them below.

Passover Anemones.png

Family Hostages

40 families have multiple members who were taken hostage on Oct 7. Children and parents, husbands and wives, or siblings. Some have been freed, most have not. Here are 4 families' stories.

Family Hostages.jpg

U.S. Citizen Hostages

All the details about the US Citizen Hostages — 12 US Citizens were taken hostage on Oct. 7th. Eight are still captive. Learn about their lives, family stories and captivity.

Fallen Hostages 

New details about the Fallen Hostages — Profiles of Fallen Hostages. 37 hostages have been confirmed dead and their bodies held for ransom. Their numbers could grow at any time. Read about the fallen

Muslim Hostages

All details about Muslim Hostages — Hamas kidnapped 8 Muslims on October 7th — 5 remain in captivity. Learn about their families, their abduction, and their harrowing experience.

Sibling Hostages

New details about the sibling sets held in Gaza. 44 hostages were taken captive alongside a sibling. 14 remain held in Gaza. Learn about their lives and families.

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How you can help


Tie Blue Ribbons

Wrap, snap and post!
Tie blue ribbons with big bows. 
Help spread awareness about the hostages in your community and social networks.  
Here's how >

Order weather-resistent blue ribbon
ribbons on chairs, W Bloomfield, MI (Temple Shir Shalom, freep_edited.jpg

Plan an Event

Your Voice Matters.
Engage your community and social networks to raise awareness with a rally, webinar, event, and more. Fill out this short form to get started.

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Follow us on Social Media

Bring the movement online.
Follow us on social media to stay up to date, learn about the hostages, their families, and how to make a difference in their safe release.

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"No one should have to endure even one day of what they have gone through, much less 100. 


On this terrible day, I again reaffirm my pledge to all the hostages and their families—we are with you. We will never stop working to bring Americans home"

President Joe Biden, January 14, 2024 Statement from President Joe Biden Marking 100 Days of Captivity for Hostages in Gaza

A word from our founders

Our Mission

Our mission is to raise awareness about the plight of the hostages kidnapped to Gaza on October 7th, 2023.  Babies, children, elderly, women and men were taken, beaten, and held hostage since that day. Many are victims of repeated sexual violence, and lack basic care, food and medicines.


As Americans, we come together and cry against this humanitarian injustice. Our responsibility is to elevate the plight of the hostages and to raise awareness throughout the United States. In every community.  In every home.  Together, we must #BringThemHome.

Blue Ribbons Across the USA

Bows are are being tied in US Senate & House offices and in AZ, CA, FL, MA, MD, NY, OH, & elsewhere -- on trees, posts, fences, door knobs, & car mirrors -- and with permission, at town halls, parks, schools, public transportation, art installations, and houses of worship.

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