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Yousef Ziadna

Gender: Male

Age when taken: 53

Citizenship: Israel

Occupation: Dairy Farmer

Hostage status: Still Captive, Presumed Alive

More about Yousef:

  • Father of 18 children and grandfather of 20 grandchildren

  • Has 11 siblings

  • From the Bedouin community Ziadna, which is named after his family

  • Has been working at Kibbutz Holit for 17 years

  • Chronic illness: Diabetes, managed through medication

Alternate last name spellings:

  • Yusuf, al-Ziadne, al-Zayadne, al-Ziadna, Alziadna, Ziyadne

  • When searching inside sources, an alternate name spelling may be used as shown above.

Related Hostages: Hamza Ziadna, son (Captive/Presumed Alive), Bilal Ziadna, son (Redeemed/Alive), and Aisha Ziadna, daughter (Redeemed/Alive)

Date Last Updated: April 16th, 2024

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