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Yarden Bibas

Gender: Male

Age when taken: 34

Citizenships: Israel, Argentina

Occupation: Welder

Hostage status: Still Captive, Presumed Alive

More about Yarden:

  • A big, strong, man, yet has a gentle and sensitive soul with a unique sense of humor 

  • A lover of premium meats, he proposed to his wife at the famous Dario Cecchini restaurant in Italy.

  • Always the first to stand up and offer his seat to someone else, even if there’s another seat available 

  • A man who never rests 

  • Born and raised on Kibbutz Tze’elim by his parents, Pnina and Eli, along with his older sister, Ofri 

  • Loves music and stand up comedy

  • Loves Tonto, the family dog whom he found abandoned at a bus station and quickly adopted

  • Tonto was killed on October 7th

  • Calls Ariel “the first Yemenite Ginger”

  • A big and imposing guy, like a big teddy bear - very sensitive, caring, funny.

Related Hostages: Kfir Bibas, son (Captive/Presumed Alive), Ariel Bibas, son (Captive/Presumed Alive) and Shiri Bibas, wife (Captive/Presumed Alive)

Date Last Updated: April 15th, 2024

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